Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas, Y'all!

Christmassy Hampstead in London. I always feel like I'm in 1906 when I'm there.

Howdy Partners! 

Just a quicktastic post to say Merry Christmas to you all. Hope whatever you're doing involves fairy lights, glittery sausages, chocolate, booze, parsnips, animals dressed as humans and whatever else you deem Christmassy! 

I'm finally chilling out on the sofa after a rather busy week of preparing Christmas for my loved ones and loved cat, watching Easties and contemplating whether to eat the crappy chocolates that always get left in the box of Roses. You know, the manky orange ones and the chewy caramels? I'm really looking forward to just enjoying the festive season now, eating whatever I want without feeling guilty (well, maybe a little) and having a Christmas tipple of full fat Coke. 

Hope everyone is feeling merry and not...well...unmerry! Yesterday, I went food shopping for some last little bits I needed and I'm pretty sure that visit to Sainsburys destroyed my soul. Trolleys crashing, angry faces, loud tutting, swearing! (Not by me for a change!) All with Wizard playing over the speakers. Now how can you be miserable when listening to that? I think I was the only one smiling even though I was slowly dying inside. It pissed me off a little bit that people were making out everyone under that one roof were evil bastards that were out to get them by beating them to the last bag of cranberries. God, bore off! Everyone's there to do the same thing you know, chill out! Cheer the f**k up before I slap you silly with a bacon rasher! I sincerely hope these people are alright now and not still out searching for cranberries.

Despite the manic bargain shoppers, I've had a relatively stress-free run up to the Festive Frolicking day and I hope you, me old chinas, have too! This is my last post of 2012 now, glad I managed to get one in even though it is quite shit. Haha! Looking forward to writing some more random bollocks in the new year!

Please enjoy these poems I penned last year which I forgot I even wrote!!!

The Christmas Moron

Smelly Acquaintance Be Forgot

Craptasticness Of Shopping

Have a good one, guys!



P.S I think my New Year resolution will be to include less curse words in my posts. 

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  1. Haa hope you had a lovely lovely day!! I went to Kilburn Sainsbury's yesterday and it was manic!! lots of queue jumping and madness from Kilburn's finest weirdos.. anyway happy Christmas :) xxx